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Korea Deodorant Toilet Cleaning Gel
Price RM7.00
Product SKU HOM006
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm
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Simply point the barrel at the inside of the toilet and push it gently. A cute rose-shaped gel product is immediately adhered to the toilet wall. Each time a flush of water, the gel releases a clean foam that helps clean the toilet; it also emits a long-lasting fragrance that keeps the toilet clean and fresh. Each gel can be flushed for up to 1 week, and a toilet can contain 6 gels for up to one and a half months.
1. Put the gel tube on the handle and hear a crisp "beep" sound, which is the installation
2. Open the small cover at the front end of the toilet gel tube
3. Put the gel sleeve close to the toilet wall (the toilet wall should be cleaned first), press the protrusion on the handle, push it forward, the toilet gel will stick to the toilet wall.
4. Put a small cover on the back and put it back in the box